Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Boycotting the Olympics?

Last monday Pierre Haski askes in his blog Cinq ans en Chine if it is necessary to boycott the Olympics in 2008 in Beijing.

Currently, the boycott issue seems part of the argy-bargy of the upcoming elections for French presidency this April. As it looks, one of the candidates François Bayrou has been saying that if he was elected the next French president he would favour a French boycott of Beijing 2008. His reasons are "humanitarian", he criticises the Chinese politics on Darfur and says the Chinese government is trading arms to the region, supporting the Sudan government and therefore responsible for the humanitarian consequences of the conflict.

Well, well. There might be many reasons why someone might consider a boycott policy on the Beijing Olympics, mainly reasons that concern the domestic lack of democracy in China.

In this case, I totally share PH's opinion, and the latter conclusions in the post, when he says, that would be like using an "atomic bomb" in a propaganda war against the Chinese:

Quote: "Avant d'en arriver à employer cette "bombe atomique", n'y a-t-il pas des moyens plus intelligents d'utiliser ces JO ?"

Asking the world to boycott a sports event because China is selling arms to Sudan? Come on, don't be so hypocrite! Where is France selling arms to? By those moral standards, WHO might be able to host Olympic games in the future? The isle of Vanuatu?


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Well said.

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