Monday, August 28, 2006

The violation of a stone

On a recent trip to Copenhagen I could once again observe a very typical Chinese phenomenon: the "man-vesus-monument style" of tourism. I first observed it on my visit to the Forbidden City in Beijing, and from then on it was a constant source of amusement seeing how close Chinese tourists want to be with the sight in question. But let me share with our my latest encounter with the Chinese way of tourism:

Place: The habour promenade in Copenhagen
Sight: The statue of H.C. Andersen's "Little Mermaid"
Persons involved: a Han Chinese-looking man in his 40ties, Little Mermaid (LM)
Mission: climb up the statue to be as close as possible to make it look real(?)

A stony violation in 4 steps:

Step 1: find a way to get a grip on the slippery ground by grabbing LM's arm in front of 100 other tourists who simply want to take a shot at the statue by herself.

Step 2: touch LM legs and put the arm around her cold sholder.

Step 3: grip her tight and press his excited body against her breast and winding his legs around her hips. At that point, part of the watching crowd started to get hot, the other part shoting at the Chinese to leave LM alone!

Step 4: Mission completed. Impossible to get any closer to the sight of desire.


Blogger Rashmi Bansal said...

We in India often feel apalled by the behaviour of our countrymenwho go abroad as tourists. Glad to learn that some Chinese are also in the same boat !

5:11 PM  

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